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Joseph S. Sturniolo & Associates, Inc. was founded in October of 1995. Our team of professionals has
over 75 years of combined experience and is one of the leaders in sophisticated financial and estate planning.
We specialize in providing comprehensive, integrated, personalized solutions to help business owners, professionals,
executives, and retirees develop and implement complex estate, income tax, business succession,
retirement and investment plans. We put the emphasis on each client’s unique needs, not a prepackaged set
of solutions or ideas. We specialize in the numerous challenges faced by our clients and have developed
a team of professionals that thoroughly understands their unique problems and opportunities. That translates
into measurable and meaningful results.

We commonly see prospects who are taking much more risk than needed for their desired outcome and
have been given advice from a financial professional who uses a traditional “risk threshold” questionnaire
to determine the investment portfolio they should be in (aggressive/moderate/conservative). While those
investment models can look fancy and sophisticated (and we have access to them as well) they sometimes
lack common sense and disregard the real needs of a family or opportunities a unique market can present.
Our approach is to continuously educate our clients on how to look for good investment opportunities and
teach them to think SMARTER than the results an oversimplified approach can produce. We continuously
take into account time relevant opportunities across all aspects of investing and design a plan that potentially
maximizes returns, minimizes all forms of tax, and takes the least risk possible to get to the desired
outcome. Once in place, we continue to modify the plan with changes in the environment and life circumstances,
so you don’t miss out on unique opportunities. In retirement, you need money you can count on!
Our desire is to help you manage your entire financial picture so you have peace of mind and time to enjoy
what you’ve worked hard for while still getting competitive returns with the least risk possible.
We would love a chance to get to know you better, give you a FREE comprehensive evaluation of your
current financial picture and show you how we may be able to improve it.

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