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Our Process


Discuss Approach:
We will talk about our methodology of wealth counseling. We will discuss how and why we do what we do and answer any questions.

6-Key Ingredients:
We will talk about the 6-key ingredients to be certain you will not outlive your income.

Overview of Current Portfolio:
We will provide an in-depth analysis on your current portfolio and outcomes if nothing changes.

Tax Plan:
We will review your current tax situation and make suggestions to optimize the least amount of tax outflow.

Income Plan:
We will design an income plan that maximizes your resources and provides predictable income you can count on in retirement.

Growth Plan:
We will design a growth component in your portfolio that maximizes opportunity to hedge inflation and get maximum possible growth for your risk tolerance.

New Plan Overview:
We will review the plan in its entirety explaining in detail what each component's purpose is and the best way to maximize your resources and minimize volatility and risk.

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