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24 May
Beyond Covid: inflation, market valuations, tax increases and more...


Beyond Covid: 
inflation, market valuations, tax increases and more
How to protect and grow your retirement

We will unpack the reasons investors underperform in the markets and
strategies to avoid the mistakes

We will discuss the following topics:

• What to expect from the Biden tax increases…What will likely pass and what will not
• How to position investments for maximum growth
• How to produce predictable growing income
• Why most annuities are a horrible investment with Index Annuities the most dangerous
• How to replace fear with peace of mind in Retirement
• Avoiding the gimmicks and false strategies of many brokers and planners
• How to invest based on understanding cycles and value
• How to invest in a volatile market
• What you need to know about inflation
• How the Federal Reserve works and what to understand about their powers and decisions

Dinner will be served!

Sit back and relax, nothing will be sold at this 100% educational event.
Due to the popularity of these events, reservations will be taken on a first-registration basis and seating is always limited for the comfort of our guests.

If married, please bring your spouse. RSVP today to guarantee your seat!

Date and Time

Tue, May 24, 2022

6:30p - 8:30p MST



3000 East 1st Avenue
Denver , CO 80206
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