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We include an insurance review in every plan because it is an inexpensive method of reducing various types of risk. Insurance is not an investment. It is a method of hedging the many risks in our lives.

The right combination of affordable insurance options helps give our clients confidence that no matter what happens, they and their families will be taken care of. For example, many of our clients who are near or in retirement are scared that if they need assisted care, they could not afford the price of it at the age that many enter a facility. We discuss their portfolio of investments as well as the various methods that insurance companies have created to reduce that risk. From that analysis, they can make the right decision for their future.

As fiduciary advisors, our primary drive is to find policies that fit our clients’ best interests. And because we aren’t tied to a single product or company, we can recommend the most appropriate policy for you, not us.

We look at all of your current insurance products. First, to determine if you need the insurance at all and second, to see if what you have serves your needs and budget. Our insurance reviews will help discover gaps in your coverage or if you’re overpaying for the mitigation of risk you are exposed to. We want your insurance focused on your particular needs and overall plan going forward.

When we analyze your insurance needs, we are not looking to sell a product, but rather to be a consultant of ideas to solve your particular risks. Our objective is to serve your needs and reduce any potential risks in the future. This can become a very important discussion for your plan as risk can reduce your peace of mind and our goal in all of our planning is to produce peace of mind.


Joseph Sturniolo is a licensed insurance agent with various insurance companies, any services are not offered through Joseph S Sturniolo & Assoc.  If you elect to purchase insurance products in this separate capacity, Mr. Sturniolo will receive additional compensation.

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